‘The blood is on your hands’: protesters boo Haley over Palestine

The United States ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley was booed by protesters at University of Houston as she stepped up to make a speech.

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Nikki Haley at University of Houston | Photo credits | Houston Public Media

Haley was at the receiving end when she said she was at the university here after a busy few weeks with American foreign policy before the pro-Palestinian crowd launched verbal attacks on her.

“Nikki, the blood is on your hands!” a voice emerged from the audience.

“You continue to sign off on genocide of a native people! You are an accomplice of terrorists and colonizers!” thundered a visibly upset and angry man in a maroon t-shirt emblazoned with the inscription #COOGSAPALESTINE.

“Nikki can’t you see? You are on a killing spree! Nikki Haley you can’t hide, you signed off on genocide! Free Palestine!” the protesters repeatedly shouted.

Haley made a blunt statement to the United Nations Security Council last year December that ‘only US has credibility when it comes to mediating Israeli-Palestinian conflict’, before President Donald Trump blew things up in the Middle East a few months later.

YouTube commentator Ismaiel Aden said “US Zionist have signed off on countless genocides through the years…. Nothing has changed, Nikki Haley is just a pawn for the Satan state of Israhell.”

Nonwhite democrats more religious than their white counterparts

For those of you who are ardent reader of my articles, you might have came across an article where I repeatedly and consistently referred to the continent of Africa and its people as being the most religious on the planet.  But wait, recent study by Pew Research Center shows that nonwhite democrats have surpassed white democrats and are only a percent above Republicans.

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The study however did not specifically point out which race(s) dominated the spectrum but the preliminary indication is that black American Democrats still hold religious values at a high esteem with 27% separating them from their white fellows.

There is a similar pattern when it comes to belief in God as described in the Bible. Nonwhite Democrats are roughly twice as likely as white Democrats to say they believe in the biblical God (61% vs. 32%), and are only a little less likely than Republicans (70%) to say this. In addition, nonwhite Democrats are almost twice as likely as white Democrats to say they believe that God or another higher power is all-knowing, all-loving and all-powerful (64% vs. 35%). Among all Republicans, 67% say they believe this.


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Pope Francis too liberal and naive – Research

Five years into Francis’ papacy, the vast majority of U.S. Catholics continue to have a favorable opinion of the Argentinian pontiff, and most say he represents a major and positive change for the Roman Catholic Church but the same time, a new Pew Research Center survey finds signs of growing discontent with Francis among Catholics on the political right, with increasing shares of Catholic Republicans saying they view Francis unfavorably, and that they think he is too liberal and naïve.

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Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis)

Currently, 84% of American Catholics say they have a “favorable” view of Pope Francis, which is virtually identical to the share who expressed a positive view of the pope after the first year of his pontificate. Furthermore, roughly nine-in-ten U.S. Catholics describe Pope Francis as “compassionate” and “humble.” And though the share of Catholics in the U.S. who think Pope Francis represents a “major change” for the better is down from a high point in 2015, nearly six-in-ten still express this view.

But while Francis remains quite popular, there are signs that American Catholics are less enamored with him than was once the case. For instance, the share of American Catholics who say Pope Francis is “too liberal” has jumped 15 percentage points between 2015 and today, from 19% to 34%. And about a quarter of U.S. Catholics (24%) now say he is naïve, up from 15% in 2015.

Over the same period, the share of American Catholics who give Pope Francis “excellent” or “good” marks for his handling of the sex abuse scandal dropped from 55% to 45%. (The survey was conducted before the recent papal visit to Chile and Peru, which prompted new questions and media coverage about the pope’s handling of this issue. And there have been similar declines in the share of Catholics who give the pope positive marks for “spreading the Catholic faith” and “standing up for traditional moral values,” though on balance he continues to garner more praise than criticism on these fronts.

The survey also finds signs of growing polarization along partisan lines in Catholics’ views of Francis. The share of Republican and Republican-leaning Catholics who say Pope Francis is “too liberal” has more than doubled since 2015 (from 23% to 55%). Similarly, one-third of Catholic Republicans now say Francis is “naïve,” up from 16% who said this in 2015. Among Democratic and Democratic-leaning Catholics, by contrast, there has been no statistically significant change in opinion on either of these questions.

In addition, while most Republican Catholics continue to express a favorable view of Francis, the share who have a favorable view of the pontiff is down compared with the end of his first year in office, four years ago. At that time, there was no discernible difference between the share of Catholic Republicans (90%) and Democrats (87%) who expressed a favorable view of Francis. Today, by contrast, the pope’s favorability rating is 10 points higher among Catholic Democrats (89%) than among Catholic Republicans (79%).

Over the same period, the share of Catholic Republicans who say Francis represents a major, positive change for the Catholic Church has declined from 60% to 37%. By contrast, there has been little movement since the end of Francis’ first year as pope in the share of Catholic Democrats who view him as a major change for the better (71% today vs. 76% in 2014).


For full story and graphical statistics, please read the original article on Pew Research Center.

Kenyan Police Service cautions public over emerging ‘cult’

The Kenyan National Police Service has reportedly cautioned members of the general public over what it described ’emerging cult’ in the name of Young Blud Saints who is targeting youths especially university students.

Ndegwa Muhoro, Director of Criminal Investigations. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Ndegwa Muhoro, Director of Criminal Investigations. Photo Credits | Business Daily

In a Facebook post shared from the official page of Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) the law enforcement agents said  the cult believes that there are three gods namely: true god, false god and random god. In what appears to be a misleading follow-up statement the directorate said “They (referring to a person) also believe that the random god is the one who fails them because he is not firm with his decisions and that his answers are not straight.”

Kenya is largely a Christian country which in recent years witnessed the rise of religious unaffiliated citizens to nearly a million and arguably the highest figure in a country within the continent according to a statement by Harrison Mumia, the President of the skeptic organization called Atheist in Kenya.

The directorate further claimed that the ‘cult’  expects members to sacrifice what they love most to prove loyalty to the organization despite no concrete evidence as to this happens emerged.


Egyptian Atheist arrested

“My goal is to be able to express myself any way I want and help those who desire the same freedom to be able to do so as well in our own country.”

In a demonstration of high level of autocracy and religious fundamentalism, the Egyptian authority has reportedly ordered the arrest its own citizen for simply identifying himself as Atheist.


Sherif Gaber. Photo Credits/https://www.facebook.com/Mr.SherifGaber

Sherif Gaber was accused of what the government deemed as indecent and controversial Facebook post and had State security agents sent to his apartment to drag him to the custody.

Close sources say it all started during a lecture in which a professor [name withheld] threatened and devalued people from the LGBT community and wished they could be slayed and laid dead on the streets.

Sherif, an Atheist with human at heart publicly challenged and denounced the statement of the professor before his criticism was met boos and further physical death threats from  both students and the lecturer who were all Islam fanatics and fundamentalists.

The Egyptian State security agents confiscated Sherif’s books, money, computers and phone after criminalizing him for “inciting atheism and immoral values, contempt for religion, dissemination of indecent ideas as well as dissemination of malicious ideas and controversial thoughts.”

The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression Law Firm came to the rescue of Sherif after he was handed 40 days jail term on 7500 Egyptian Pound (EGP) bail which he was unable to raise as his family members disowned him and refused to give the money.

In a statement, Sherif wrote, “My goal is to be able to express myself any way I want and help those who desire the same freedom to be able to do so as well in our own country. I could do it from anywhere else in the world but I believe it would have a more powerful effect to do it here, where we are born and raised.

“For me it was never about seeking a better life for myself but making others feel safe here. I found that me staying here gives others the courage to come out and a little bit of safety. That’s the main reason I preferred to live no matter how hard it gets,” he added.

Sherif however conceded in a series of tweets that things have never been the same ever since. Life is crashing against him and all he sees ahead of him is darkness as the State continues to pursue him despite the bailout.

As I stated in my previous article titled when to open up on Atheism in Africa, I hinted that being an Atheist in Africa especially among the religious conservatives is still an issue. If your political and religious landscape is as costly to atheists as that of Sherif, I recommend you keep it low with atheism.


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Dating an Atheist, does it really matter?

It was a Saturday evening when a beautifully attractive lady walked along the street at the dawn. Open and frank as he is, an Atheist dude never hesitated to follow up to launch his affectionate manifesto thinking whether his religious stance will negatively play a part in this game. First thing first. “What is your take on guys who are religiously unaffiliated?” He asked. The respond from the deeply religious believer (the lady) will shock you to the core. “My parents told me to do what makes me happy, whether religious or non religious,” she opened up.

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Now, this is not a onetime experience but it happened multiple times. From a personal survey, six out of ten African ladies below the age of thirty said dating people who are not religiously affiliated does not really matter and they repeatedly non religious affiliation to intellect and open mindedness.

The ladies surveyed said deeply religious men are so soft as far as decision making is concerned though they agreed to a lesser extent that religion gives men some forms of guidance on morality.

So, does this mean Atheism will no longer be a big deal with time? Certainly not, especially in Africa where majority are stubbornly conservative and trapped in the valley of thought that a good partner (wife or husband) is given by ‘God.’ Sounds funny right? But wait, here is the good news, time has come when three quarters of women of every race look for men with financial strength and not the so-called faith.

Meanwhile, majority of African women above the age of thirty still believe that ‘faith’ is one of the features of a responsible man and without it a man loses sense of humour and responsibility to raise morally upright children.

We all know that any emotional bias — irrespective of truth or falsity — can be implanted by suggestion in the emotions of the young, hence the inherited traditions of an orthodox community are absolutely without evidential value…. If religion were true, its followers would not try to bludgeon their young into an artificial conformity; but would merely insist on their unbending quest for truth, irrespective of artificial backgrounds or practical consequences. With such an honest and inflexible openness to evidence, they could not fail to receive any real truth which might be manifesting itself around them. The fact that religionists do not follow this honourable course, but cheat at their game by invoking juvenile quasi-hypnosis, is enough to destroy their pretensions in my eyes even if their absurdity were not manifest in every other direction.”
― H.P. LovecraftAgainst Religion: The Atheist Writings of H.P. Lovecraft


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When to open up on Atheism in Africa

In an African society, the arguably most religious but yet poorest continent in the world, entrepreneurial religious missionaries masquerading as ‘prophets’ and ‘clerics’ siphon millions of dollars by telling very fine lies about the reward of ‘life after death’ to the non-thinking, and deluded audience convincingly called congregants. Ironically, any attempt by an African to stand out of religious affiliation shall be met with a wave of protests and controversial labels by those who were told by fellow human beings that an imaginary character in the sky is the only way forward.

Image result for the african atheist

Africa is largely a Christian-dominated continent and this has instilled a falsified ideology that an African must either believe in an imaginary God or some forms of supernatural power. This means, it takes something unique for a person to reveal him/herself as non religious and be regarded morally upright though morality is not in anyway linked to any ridiculous belief other than human conscience. So, when is the right time for an African Atheist to open up?

When your religious stance is questioned.

It is very obviously that in a society where human species co-exist there is always curiosity to know each other better, and religion stance is quickly roped in when it comes to question and answer session. Taking from a personal experience, my answer has always been simple, “I’m non religious.” Then another obvious follow up question will be “why?” This is the time every opportunity is opened for an intellectual articulation of an Atheist’s view on religion. First of all tell them the hard-hitting truth that everyone was born non religious and as such, it is not your own making not to believe in any so-called God. If they are intellectually honest, they will concede.

Do not dive into a debate with religious fundamentalists.

Observably, African theists get more emotional and deluded when their faiths are met with interrogation and consequently they cease to engage in a constructive debate. Atheists are emotionally competent, very rational and post questions that their religious counterparts have no answers to. As such,  an African Atheist should advisably cease to open up in an instance where the number of the mentally deluded is exceedingly high.

 Like Richard Dawkins said, that coming out as an atheist can cost an academic his or her job in some parts of America, the same applies in Africa that’s why many choose to keep quiet about their atheism.


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